Teen Drug Abuse, Signs and Symptoms

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What are some signs of teen drug abuse and what are some teen drug abuse symptoms?

Teens who are abusing drugs and or alcohol show varying symptoms and behaviors. Here are a few signs of teen drug abuse and teen drug abuse symptoms to pay attention to:

  • Lying
  • A decline in school or work performance
  • Missing or skipping school
  • Loss of interest in common activities (athletics, music, hobbies, family events)
  • Change in physical appearance (sudden weight loss, pale skin, pinpoint or hugely dilated pupils)
  • A change in friends
  • A reluctance to introduce new friends to parents
  • Secretive or sneaky behavior (spending a lot of time locked in the bathroom or bedroom, being unclear about his or her whereabouts)
  • Missing money or valuables
  • If it’s taking your child more time than usual to do ordinary things (getting home from school, going for a bike ride, running up to the store)
  • Angry or aggressive outbursts
  • Withdrawn or depressed
  • Unusually forgetful
  • Changes in sleeping patterns

These are all signs of teen drug abuse and teen drug abuse symptoms. If a parent feels there is something “off” with their teen, they’re probably right. Trust your intuition. Where there is smoke there is fire. If you have seen any of these drug abuse signs or symptoms with your teen or young adult call Pathway for a free evaluation 877-921-4050.

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