Aftercare Treatment Plan for Substance Abuse Programs

Drug Abuse Programs for Teens in Phoenix, AZ

Pathway helps young people succeed by providing the best and most comprehensive and long-term substance abuse aftercare treatment plan and services available. A quality aftercare treatment plan upon discharge from a substance abuse program is critical to long-lasting sobriety. During substance abuse aftercare treatment, young people in early recovery are able to apply the tools learned in our drug and substance abuse treatment programs to their daily lives. Continued support during substance abuse aftercare treatment greatly reduces the chances of relapse by helping the young person stay focused on recovery and the goals they created in substance abuse treatment.

Pathway offers no cost substance abuse aftercare treatment for all young people successfully discharged from our substance abuse treatment programs. Pathway’s aftercare treatment for substance abuse includes:

  • Substance abuse aftercare treatment groups
  • Individual and family counseling sessions
  • Access to Pathway’s peer and parent support groups.

For more information about Pathway’s substance abuse programs or substance abuse aftercare treatment programs, contact us at 877-921-4050.