Drug, Alcohol, and Substance Abuse Intervention Tips and Strategies, Arizona

Drug Abuse Interventions in Arizona

It is always ideal for an adolescent or young adult with a drug, alcohol, or substance abuse problem to come in for an evaluation by his or her own choice or at the request of a family member or friend. However, young people who are abusing drugs or alcohol are often resistant to the idea of substance abuse and drug rehab and do not respond to these requests. This typically leads to an alcohol or substance abuse intervention. Pathways can provide a drug intervention program with substance abuse intervention strategies and tips.

An alcohol or substance abuse intervention is a planned confrontation of the alcohol or drug abuser’s behavior. The best place for the family to start planning an intervention is educating themselves about alcohol, drugs, and substance abuse addiction and their role in an alcohol or substance abuse intervention. This learning process should always begin with a consultation with a professional substance abuse counselor. Successful substance abuse interventions are much greater for parents who call or come in for evaluations and form substance abuse intervention strategies with one of our counselors prior to a confrontation.

Since intervening with a young person who is abusing drugs or alcohol can be a volatile and emotional situation, parents should walk into an alcohol or substance abuse intervention as prepared as possible. If an alcohol or substance abuse intervention is being planned, begin by speaking with a Pathway counselor or interventionist. This intervention consultation offers parents the following alcohol and drug intervention tips:

  • Information about drug use
  • An understanding of alcohol and drug addiction
  • Preparation for possible outcomes
  • Help choosing an alcohol and substance abuse treatment center
  • A chance for parents to make sure they present a unified front
  • Needed support to stand up to someone who is using

Alcohol and drug addiction is progressive, the longer you wait, the worse it will become. It is always best to act NOW because some people do not survive. If your child is using drugs, he or she needs your help now. Don’t wait. To discuss a drug intervention program or substance abuse intervention strategies, call Pathway at 877-921-4050.