Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment Program for Teens and Adolescents

Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment Program for Teens

Group sessions are four hours per day — Monday through Friday the outpatient substance abuse treatment program for teens also includes individual counseling for the teen, family sessions for parents, three teen per support group meetings per week, two social events per week and support group meetings for parents.

What makes Pathway’s approach unique is our integration of fun into substance abuse treatment. We understand teens’ needs to be social and enjoy life. We help teens experience fun without drugs or alcohol through our weekly social events. Throughout their substance abuse treatment, teens connect with peers their own age who are also in treatment and recovery. These connections help them create a positive support system with people they can relate to and feel comfortable talking with.

Parents are the backbone of a teen’s support system, which is why we provide parent support group meetings. These meetings help parents understand what their teen is going through and how to help their teens in their recovery.

At Pathway, we know that recovery doesn’t end with treatment. That’s why we help teens develop skills and learn specific strategies for resisting relapse after they leave our outpatient substance abuse treatment program. Our long-term aftercare and follow-up helps teens continue to learn how to apply the solutions they learned in treatment. This long-term recovery support is critical for successful recovery.

Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment Program for Adolescents and Teens Summary

  • Six- to 12-week outpatient substance abuse treatment program for adolescents and teens ages 13-17
  • Highly individualized recovery plan based on each teen’s needs
  • Integrates fun and recovery
  • Builds self-esteem
  • Teaches positive coping skills
  • Addresses teen-specific issues
  • Helps meet teens’ social needs
  • Helps teens develop a positive support system
  • Offers support groups
  • Provides an introduction to the 12 steps of recovery and how to work through them
  • Includes parent support group meetings
  • Provides practical solutions that can be applied to a teen’s daily life after they leave the program
  • Offers long-term aftercare
  • Fits within most family lifestyles
  • Cost effective

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