Substance Abuse (Alcohol and Drug) Counseling for Teenagers

Substance Abuse Counseling Teens Gilbert Phoenix AZ

Pathway is a treatment center that offers individual substance abuse (alcohol and drug) counseling for teenagers with potential substance abuse issues. Weekly or bi-weekly meetings with a substance abuse counselor will assist teens in evaluating drug and alcohol use, consequences, progression, possible outcomes, effects of use within family or other relationships, and will help teens to find alternatives to substance abuse. Individual alcohol and drug counseling for teenagers is helpful both as a preventative measure and in helping a teen who needs treatment but is reluctant to enter a treatment center.

Teen Drug and Alcohol Counseling and Treatment Program Summary

  • Weekly or bi-weekly appointments with counselor in one hour sessions
  • Highly effective with early users as a preventive measure
  • Assists reluctant teens to become willing to seek treatment
  • Helps teens evaluate consequences
  • Educates teens about drug and alcohol addiction
  • Addresses teen-specific issues
  • Helps teens respond to peer pressure

Substance Abuse (Alcohol and Drug) Counseling for Parents of a Teen Who is Using Drugs:

Substance Abuse Counseling Teens Phoenix Gilbert AZ

Parenting a teen who is using drugs is difficult and frustrating. Individual counseling is helpful to a parent whose teen is using drugs, providing education, support and strategies for placing appropriate boundaries and interventions. Substance abuse counseling provides tools for parents to cope with their own reactions to the problem and provides ways to be a part of the solution. Many parents attend counseling sessions even when their children refuse and are able to implement new strategies in the home.


Substance Abuse Counseling Teens Gilbert Phoenix