Adolescent Drug Abuse Programs

Adolescent Drug Abuse Programs in Phoenix, Arizona

Is drug use a “phase”? Will my kid grow out of it on his or her own?

For the majority of teens who use drugs, it is not a phase, it is the precursor to an addiction. Drugs and alcohol are powerful chemicals that alter a teen’s mental and emotional state during an important developmental time in life when they are extremely susceptible to addiction. Even for teens whose use is minimal, there can be serious physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and legal consequences. Drugs and alcohol can take the place of critical coping skills teens will need throughout their lives, or cause a single lapse in judgement that will follow a teen for life. A young person’s best defense against these potential problems is parents who get involved and intervene on drug and alcohol use. You can avoid crisis, don’t wait until the problem is worse to act. Contact Pathway at 877-921-4050.

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