Outpatient Drug Treatment Centers, Phoenix Arizona

Outpatient Drug Treatment in Phoenix, AZ

Why should I consider a local outpatient drug treatment center over an out-of-town long-term residential facility?

Although some situations call for an adolescent to leave home, it is best if they don’t, unless it’s absolutely necessary. Teens need to learn to stay clean and sober and make good choices in the environment they live in. Being at home or in a local drug treatment center allows this to happen and for parents to be closely involved in all aspects of treatment. If your teen does need to go to a long-term out of state program, it is critical that there is a follow-up plan when they return home. Outpatient programs are the best follow-up to residential treatment centers and help teens make the transition home and back into a normal life. Pathway offers outpatient programs for teens in this scenario regularly, contact Pathway at 877-921-4050 to find out more.

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