Substance Abuse and Addiction Counseling for Young Adults

Substance Addiction Counseling for Young Adults in Phoenix, AZ

Pathway is a rehab program that offers individual addiction counseling for alcohol or substance abuse in young adults ages 18-25. Weekly or bi-weekly meetings with a substance abuse counselor will assist in evaluating drug and alcohol use, consequences, progression, possible outcomes, effects of use within family or other relationships, and finding alternatives to substance abuse in young adults. Individual addictions counseling is helpful to educate young people about addiction and to develop tools for recovery. Individual counseling can also help identify problems that call for more intensive treatment. Individual counseling is a valuable aftercare tool for those who complete substance abuse treatment rehab and greatly increases long-term success.

Individual Substance and Alcohol Abuse Counseling Program for Young Adults summary

  • Weekly or bi-weekly appointments with a substance abuse counselor in one hour sessions
  • Addresses young adult specific issues
  • Helps young adults decipher between normal vs. addictive behavior
  • Assists in responding to peer pressure in college or employment situations
  • Educates young adults about drug addiction and substance abuse
  • Helps young adults explore alternatives to alcohol and drug use
  • Highly effective as a relapse prevention measure and as a follow up to intensive treatment
  • Includes parent involvement if desired

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