Drug Testing

Should I drug-test my kid?

If you think your teen is using drugs, you don’t need proof. Call Pathway at 877-921-4050 for a free evaluation from a professional drug and alcohol counselor. If you feel like something’s wrong, it’s OK to act. If you do decide to drug test, have a plan for what you’re going to do if the result is positive. We would recommend that you speak to a substance abuse counselor and develop a plan prior to administering a test. A lot of teens know how to get around drug tests, if the test is negative it does not mean the teen is drug free, follow up with your teen and continue to educate yourself about drug use.

Drug Testing for Teens & Adolescents in Phoenix, AZ

Drug Testing Tips:

If you do decide to drug test, it is better to have the test administered by a professional.

It should be a surprise.

Blood tests are more accurate than urine tests.

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