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Does someone have to hit a “bottom” before a drug treatment center will help?

There is a common belief that people need to “hit bottom” before they’re willing to change. But that is not always true. When parents hear these statements, they feel they have to sit by and watch their kid get worse, hoping he will one day ask for help. Hitting bottom is different for everyone, and there are steps parents can take to help their child prior to a major crisis.

One of the first places parents can start is to ensure they are not enabling their child to use. This includes things like bailing them out of jail, paying for lawyers, giving them money and making excuses for their child to family, school, employers and friends. If your child experiences the consequences of their actions today, he or she will be better off down the road.

Those who use drugs long-term will experience a tremendous negative effect on their mental, physical, emotional and spiritual state. The sooner your child experiences the natural consequences of using drugs, the greater the chance he or she won’t face long-term pain. If you think your child may be using drugs or alcohol, contact Pathway to get a free evaluation, find parent support groups and educate yourself on what you can do to help your child. Sooner, rather than later, is always best.

Pathway can help tremendously even if the young person has only the slightest willingness to attend. Exposure to attractive recovery can help young people see there is an alternative to drug use, and a drug treatment center can equip them with the tools they need to stay sober and make good decisions. For many, this experience leads to recovery before the “bottom” gets even worse.

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